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Over the past year I have really enjoyed taking a much more proactive approach to developing my own CPD, and this has had a hugely positive impact on my classroom practice, and even more significantly so in my Subject Leadership role.

Last September, I attended my first free CPD event at PedagooHampshire15 at Eggar’s School, organized by @martynreah‍ . This was certainly my ‘initiation’ to CPD, and I have to say it really gave me the CPD bug and inspired me to get involved in future events! I have since attended several Teach Meets, each time taking away something new and valuable to enhance my own practice, always prompting me to reflect on aspects of my daily teaching.

Teach Meets are typically structured as a series of mini presentations delivered consecutively - this style has its benefits in terms of providing a range of coverage in a single session. PedagooHampshire, however, is a uniquely designed event, in that each session is delivered as a ‘learning conversation’, where 'participants' are invited to engage in a dialogue with the presenter during the session. This interactive approach works brilliantly as it enables the participants to ask questions, share and exchange ideas, taking learning even further forward productively.

Another great feature of this approach is that you can choose which session you wish to participate in, tailored specifically to your own CDP needs and interests. At the beginning of last year, I was asked to lead Wellbeing across the school, as an area identified on our SIP. This was my motivation to attend PedagooHampshire, and I have to say the impact it has had, a year on, has been fantastic! It gave me the launch pad for introducing some super wellbeing initiatives within my own school, including #teacher5aday as a core approach to promoting staff wellbeing. I really enjoyed the Wellbeing themed sessions led by the lovely @abster‍  and @becskar‍  and was inspired by the positivity and infectious enthusiasm of @mshmfl‍ . I also enjoyed meeting @debinglis‍ , having a helpful conversation about coaching over lunch! One of the best outcomes for me has definitely been that I feel I've joined a community through PedagooHampshire, many of whom have since become friends I regularly connect with via Twitter.

The closing presentation by @vivienne‍ ‍ prompted us to take our learning from the day forward and review its impact in the future. This is exactly what I intend to do at this year’s PedagooHampshire16, where I will be presenting with @jenna‍ to share our journey in developing Wellbeing across the whole school. I'm really excited about the positive progress we have made this year to ensure that staff and pupil wellbeing is valued, promoted and remains a high priority.

If you haven’t got your FREE ticket yet, please get one here ! With a fantastic range of presenter sessions in the line up, I think this event is set to be one of the CPD highlights of the year!

Hope to see you there!


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Kerry Macfarlane

Kerry Macfarlane

Primary teacher SLE Creative Curriculum Literacy specialist PSHE/Wellbeing ITT/NQT Mentor

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Hannah Wilson Hannah Wilson @misswilsey 1 year ago
Looking forward to making it this year! Booked but bailed last year as was unwell. X
Debbie Inglis Debbie Inglis @debinglis 1 year ago
Looking forward to 'delivering' again this year, particularly because it's about a multi-way dialogue, not just me sharing ideas. We can learn so much from each other :)
Clare Erasmus Clare Erasmus @cerasmusteach 1 year ago
Looking fwd to hearing and sharing wellbeing initiatives at this Teachmeet. See you there. Loving the #teacher5aday campaign too.
Vivienne Porritt Vivienne Porritt @vivienne 1 year ago
@kab21mac I'm looking forward to hearing about what you learned and the impact of this on practice since last year.
Kerry Macfarlane Kerry Macfarlane @kab21mac 1 year ago
Thanks @vivienne So much has been achieved. Really looking forward to sharing our journey! :)
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