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I've been posting about my CAS Master Teacher training, but with my level 1 CAS Master Teacher Training almost complete, it was time to find out what level 2 will bring! Mark Dorling led a jam-packed workshop modelling (and thereby teaching us) how to deliver effective CPD. It all got a little bit meta at one point, as learning anything about pedagogy does. You know, when you are learning about teaching and listening to content about pedagogy whilst watching how the course leader delivers it and wondering if they are practicing what they are preaching. Mark certainly can deliver effective CPD and his ways of modelling and then showing us his thinking behind his actions was fascinating and deeply affecting.

We used a couple of techniques I hadn't come across before and thought about how to run our own CPD. Amongst all the gems from the day, these are two important ideas that were key to the day:

The Nutshell

This is a simple diagram that allows participants to record the key points of their learning and key actions to put into practice when they return to school. This was a really effective way of getting us to think about the ideas discussed in a quick way that enabled us to process them into our own words. Writing down action points to do back at school is something I have done before and I've found highly effective for sustaining the CPD gained back into the classroom.

Sustainable and collaborative

We discussed how to make our CPD sustainable and collaborative. Thinking longer term about how to sustain CPD for staff back at school but also for us as trainers was really valuable. If I want to continue being a Master Teacher I need to find a way to deliver CPD for staff over the next few years, not just one or two events before the end of the term!

Good CPD is a joyful thing, inspirational, long lasting and effective. If I can aspire to be half as inspirational as Mark was on Friday, then I'll be able to deliver some cracking computing CPD (with practice and a little help from my fellow Master Teachers!).

Photo credit: Nutshell 2 by steffenz Creative Commons License by 2.0 Photo attribution by Photos for class

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Nicola Darling Nicola Darling @nicd 2 years ago
Great post @jobadge that really sums up the day! 'In a nutshell' was most definitely something I will be using once I get my training underway! As you said, Mark's deliverance really got me thinking about the best ways to deliver CPD!
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