Today I returned from an inspirational weekend at #ililc5 (ICT and Links into Languages Conference).  It was my first time and I am certain it won't be my last.  I have tweeted that I upon returning I felt like a school kid who's just come back from one of those great school trips that you always look back on with such fond memories and that you know you will never forget. 

Obviously, I have some takeaways and I shall list them here.

1. Meeting so many of my #mfltwitterati friends and finding out their real names.

2. The hugs.  Honestly when you meet a twitterer you know well virtually it's like meeting up with a long lost friend.

3. @eddiekayshun's presentation on Spaced Learning.  In fact, he's already posted a blog on that here on Staffrm.   That was inspirational and I can't wait to try out the ideas with my Yr 11

4. The Saturday night Show and Tell; a lively evening with some great ideas.  Great dancing too. 

5. The possessive adjectives song sung with gusto by the lovely #mfltwitterati crowd at the Show and Tell.  They are definitely the best group I have ever taught it too.  Here's my grammar buddy version of the song that you can find on you tube.

6. Delivering not one, but two, presentations.  One was on Global Projects and the other on the importance of Rote Memorisation.  So glad I had the opportunity and I promise myself that I will have more confidence in myself next time.

7. Watching the delegates in my second presentation collaborate to write songs.  It's amazing what you can achieve in 5 minutes.

8. Some great pedagogical chat not just in conference but also in the evening before the Show and Tell.  There's really such a good buzz and it's great to be with like-minded people who are passionate about languages and teaching.

9. Presentations that re-affirmed my thoughts on edtech and feedback.  Thanks to @lancslassrach, @bellaale (you couldn't fool me with that beard!),  and @cerianwen @dominic_mcg (sketchnote from his presentation is below).

10. Discovering the power of #sketchnote.  I never had myself down as a doodler but thanks to @joedale I have now discovered the power of the doodle:

transforming ideas into visual communication

I used Paper by @fiftythree and I was quite pleased with my first efforts. I could be doodling again. 

Thanks to the fab people who organised this conference and to the #mfltwitterati for making it so much fun. 

PS - here's another sketch note made during the @lancslassrach workshop and the one at the top was made listening to @lisibo's keynote speech. It really was an inspirational weekend.

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Stephen Lockyer Stephen Lockyer @mrlockyer 2 years ago
This sounds like a fantastic conference - with all the elements a good one should have! Thanks for the great write-up!
Leah Sharp Leah Sharp @leahmoo 2 years ago
Sounds like a really busy and inspiring event! :)
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