What's the film and who's the actor?


So, back to my Saturday afternoon double bill with my grandmother.  

Such fond memories of time spent with this lovely, lovely lady who introduced me to the joys of movies and in particular a whole host of Hollywood stars from the Golden Age of Movies.  My grandmother always greeted each film with 'oh this one, again!' But she loved it really and I loved snuggling up on a cold winter afternoon and watching these black and white movies. 

In yesterday's post, which you can find here, I mentioned the film that started this beautiful love affair with movies and a particular actor.    Sadly, no one has, yet, responded to my questions 'who's the actor and what's the film?'   So, I'm going to give you another chance.

I'm hoping that the title picture on this post is going to jog some memories.  Answers in the comments box below. 

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