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Following a conversation with my deputy she suggested I attend the ‘I was here’ course, it’s no surprise that my original thoughts were ‘Do I really need to go on a course with people I don’t know and share my thoughts and feelings’ I’m not one for talking about my feelings and past, my goals and my dreams – I don’t have the time for one!

But as I reflect back on course I think of the people I met – I listened to their stories, I asked questions and gave my opinions. I think my life has been pretty ordinary – I have experienced things some people haven’t but I’ve not experienced things that some people have. I realised everyone had a reason for being there and wanting to explore leadership.

I read somewhere: Great leaders don’t set out to be leaders they set out to make a difference.

As I met the 10 women on the course I realised that was our connection; we all had different journeys and took different paths, we all had different qualities and were all at different stages but our end goal was the same -To make a difference.

I am starting the on the path of leadership and there are many lessons I need to learn to be a good leader: I need to listen more, I need to bite my tongue, I need to be more patient and I need to know when to say I did my best and walk away knowing there is nothing more I could have done. Yet there are many qualities I have that already make me a leader: I work hard, I give a 100%, I am committed, and I am honest and compassionate. I have the courage to try and a passion for my job.

When I told my 5 year old I was going on a course about how to be a strong confident woman she replied ‘but mummy you already are’

I look at my 5 year old; she feisty and fierce, she knows how to get what she wants, she has perfected the art of throwing a major diva strop and is ridiculously impatient yet she’s funny and smart, she is kind and thoughtful, she shows compassion and care, she works hard and tries to be the best she can be. These qualities she holds, I now realise, are down to me (as my mother always smugly reminds me during her one of her strops ‘she is exactly you’). Maybe these qualities that I see in her and love her for - I need to acknowledge, embrace and accept in myself.

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Sarah Postlethwaite

Sarah Postlethwaite

Year 2 teacher!

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Ronnie Richardson Ronnie Richardson @mrsrichardson 6 months ago
I love this reflection on the 'I Was Here' leadership programme Sarah - it is so great to read that you recognise your leadership qualities and wonderful to hear that you are passing on your fierceness to the next generation! I'm looking forward to spending day 2 with you and all of the other amazing leaders we are lucky to be learning with and from.
Hannah Wilson Hannah Wilson @misswilsey 6 months ago
I love the mirror your daughter holds up to you - shining a light on who we see. We are always kinder to others than we are to ourselves!
Annemarie  Williams Annemarie Williams @awilliams 6 months ago
Sarah you've summarised the joy of I Was Here. That we are all coming at leadership from different contexts and with different experiences, but there is unity in the fact that we are all driven by the desire to make a difference. I think that ultimately brings us closer together as women and as leaders.
Clare Erasmus Clare Erasmus @cerasmusteach 6 months ago
Love this blog. Love the idea of the course. Big encore from me
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