Passing on the Baton


Recently my daughter has found a love of running, she’s 8 with the attitude of an 18 year old but seriously lacks confidence and would rather shy away from a challenge than be out of her comfort zone. However being a supportive and pushy mummy I brought her the kit and entered her into a local fun run, 3/4 of a mile uphill through streams and in mud pits. On the morning of the race I casually announced that I had entered her, news that was met with squeals of excitement until I said she'd been running it alone as her best friend hadn't entered and her age category dictated you were not allowed to run with a grown up. She instantly changed her attitude to 'I probably won't do it now mummy' and 'I won't know anyone '. With her lack of confidence and self-doubt creeping back in I found myself quoting slogans and presenters I'd heard at a recent seminar.

You are a strong confident woman, you can do this

You'll be amazing. Be bold for change my baby and make things happen.

As I write this I'm chuckling to myself... I'm the person who professes to not being a feminist. Absolutely not at all....but maybe maybe just a little bit...

She ran the race, alone through mud, water and up hills, she beat many children; boys, children older than her and children that had ran before! She was bold.

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Sarah Postlethwaite

Sarah Postlethwaite

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Ronnie Richardson Ronnie Richardson @mrsrichardson 7 months ago
Wow Sarah it is so amazing to read that this week's leadmeet had such a positive impact on you. Not only has your daughter been bold and brave in taking part in the run but so have you in sharing this! Xx
Emma Gerrard Emma Gerrard @missegerrard 7 months ago
That's wonderful that your words of wisdom helped her to be braver and go it alone Sarah (the secret feminist). This is such a lovely post. #thisgirlcan x
Annemarie  Williams Annemarie Williams @awilliams 7 months ago
Lovely to see you being such a strong role model and also to see you thinking about what being a feminist means to you, Your daughter is clearly not the only one being bold Sarah!
Sarah Lynch Sarah Lynch @slynch 7 months ago
Sarah I love how you've taken away inspiration from Wednesday and influenced your girls at home x
Rob Mold Rob Mold @robmold 7 months ago
Brilliant to see how the language you use with your daughters encourages them to #BeBoldForChange. You are a fabulous role model to your girls, they are strong and courageous, just like you! #SecretFeminist
Jill Berry Jill Berry @jillberry 7 months ago
Great stuff - shows it's not just about our being bold, but about encouraging those we care about to be bold, too. Well done to your daughter.
Cheryl Parry Cheryl Parry @cherylparry 7 months ago
❤ this story about how you and your daughter are being #beboldforchange. You for writing this blog and your daughter for running that race
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