Choose Life


Choose the local comp and working hard, choose playing the violin badly to miss Science lessons, choose A Levels and being the only person in your French class, choose friends you will keep for a lifetime, choose going out without a coat in winter and dancing the night away.

Choose completing a law degree at a uni far far from home, choose fun, choose Camp America and playing rugby and voluntary work, choose changing your mind and realising it's not your bag and that kids are funnier, choose PGCE.

Choose moving to a city where you know no-one but have a job, choose moving from primary to secondary, choose a new job, choose adventure, choose late nights out and house shares and smoking, choose to stop smoking.

Choose a second degree, choose love, choose tap dancing and running and ridiculously high heeled shoes, choose friends who make you laugh, choose holidays and travels and a trip to Oman with no-one you know, choose solo travel in Australia and jumping out of a plane, choose SEN because it matters to you, choose a new car the colour of sick that you love and everyone hates, choose camping and festivals and fancy dress, choose sensible decisions, choose spur of the moment decisions, you decide. 

Choose to have the benign tumor removed from your brain as it's growing, choose running and running and running, choose cake and more holidays and a promotion, choose life and love and laughter, choose throwing up on the side of a main road in Bolton in your pjs as you are heading to the maternity ward - choose Rita as her name, choose a bigger tent.

Choose mat leave and writing, choose setting up your own business whilst off and making the most of your time, choose to refuse to be pigeon holed, choose going back to work full time, choose feedback not marking, choose a developmental approach to observations and CPD, choose a commitment to my own and staff wellbeing, choose to be your own person, choose managing it all because you know you can, choose taking it at your pace and in your own time.

Choose to say no. Or yes. Choose the freedom to decide for yourself, choose confidence.


Choose life. 

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Hannah Gregory

Hannah Gregory

Leader of teaching and learning at a NW secondary school.

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Annemarie  Williams Annemarie Williams @awilliams 7 months ago
This is a powerhouse of a blog! Wellbeing and balance are choices we can all make! Thank You for reminding us!
Nasima Riazat Nasima Riazat @nasima 7 months ago
Wow...I love this. What an action packed blog! You're right though, we choose the path we take. :-)
Matt  Young Matt Young @mattyoung 7 months ago
Wow! That is an incredibly powerful and uplifting blog to read. Thank you so much for sharing @hgregory.
Katie Smith Katie Smith @mrskatesmith 7 months ago
CHOOSE LIFE! (and the sick-coloured car!) Love this - thank you @hgregory
Hannah Wilson Hannah Wilson @misswilsey 7 months ago
Wow! I have goosebumps. Love the energy, confidence, resilience & passion in your choices. The power of choosing in our hands.
Suzie Happy Suzie Happy @suhappyness 7 months ago
Inspirational. Power of choice
Julie Hunter Julie Hunter @mshmfl 7 months ago
Giving yourself the green light to make your own choices is powerful. Thank you for reminded us to choose freedom of choice
Hannah Wilson Hannah Wilson @misswilsey 7 months ago
Ps tag it under the title as #iwd17 & it will go into our bank of blogs for people to find
Natalie Wilcox Natalie Wilcox @natw 7 months ago
Love this! I feel like I've just watched your life in a movie! Amazing! X
Clare Erasmus Clare Erasmus @cerasmusteach 7 months ago
wow! fabulous. Your right to choose resonates deeply with me. Great example.
Martha Da Costa-Sherwood Martha Da Costa-Sherwood @dacosmeconsult 7 months ago
What a powerful way to get across the message that we choose the direction of travel in life. Every thought, every decision, every action, even the inaction is our choice. When you realise you make the choices, you realise you have the power! Thanks
B Yusuf B Yusuf @byusuf 7 months ago
With the energy, zest for life and drive exuding from your blog, you are obviously a woman that is an amazing powerhouse. Wow, wow, wow! Thank you for sharing your blog.
Vivienne Porritt Vivienne Porritt @vivienne 7 months ago
Amazing, @hgregory Love the Trainspotting take and it really does make me feel giddy and excited and empowered all together. Just wonderful.
Jill Berry Jill Berry @jillberry 7 months ago
This is fantastic, Hannah! Loved reading it.

We do have so many choices, and far more agency than we often give ourselves credit for. We need to accept and embrace that and go on to make the most of the choices we've made - as you have clearly done.
Jessica Rees Jessica Rees @jessrees 7 months ago
LOVE THIS!!! So many choices and what's wonderful is that they are our choices to make both in work and in life! No one else should be choosing on our behalf.
So empowering, thank you.
[Retired Colleague] [Retired Colleague] [Retired Colleague] 7 months ago
Another great blog! Really made me reflect. Far too easy to think we are 100% a result (sometimes we might feel victim) of our circumstances. We need to remember that we do have choices in every situation. They may be big, they may be small but they are still choices!
Hannah Gregory Hannah Gregory @hgregory 7 months ago
Thank you for all of your comments! I was a little unsure of what was expected from my blog today and so I boldly just went for it - the power of choice is so important to me, I'm glad it came across.
Hannah Tyreman Hannah Tyreman @hannahtyremancpd 7 months ago
One night last week I realised that I didn't have to stay up late doing work - I was choosing to. So I got in the bath and rad a book! I also realised that I didn't need to spend all weekend on teaching resources - but I chose to because I fancied some creative time... I absolutely loved reading this - thank you! I wonder what conscious choices this week holds for us all?
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