Embrace ones individuality and uniqueness

My first ever blog, never wrote one before, but woke with an urge to write, so here

I remember later finding my #uniqueness and #individuality when my truly wonderful inspiring art teacher opened the doors and my eyes, and showed me where my talents lie. #embracing it #believing in me and #motivating me further 

Throughout life I've kept the positive words from this great teacher, and to this very day her words echoe in my mind "believe in yourself" I have a love and passion for any form of art and creativity, that's me and that's what I love. 

Since Woking for the academy I find myself echoing her words to our children, I now feel that immense feeling of pride and joy that I would imagine my wonderful teacher whould have felt when encouraging and motivating her students, the late Mrs Manly...what a truly inspirational woman. 

So, her spirit lives on...even after 20 years, quite often I come across a "special gift" or talent within a child, and if the #spark is there and they are unaware, I will ensure to #awaken #embrace #motivate it, whatever that may be......

My teacher was spontaneous, and I loved that quality in her, never expect the expected! never a mundane moment. I remember walking in to art class, she stopped me and said "right we are going outside for the afternoon," I followed unsure? Outside, in the glorious sunshine along the lawn was an artists wooden easle, along with an array of colourful paints and brushes. My view was stunning, pink blossom trees and delicate rose shrubs surrounded me, along with the bluest of blue sky's "surprise me," she said (she often did that) and so I did.

That afternoon I felt amazing, nothing but the sounds of nature and the fragrance of sweet blossom filled the air. she #inspired me and truly #empowered me that day, I created something beautiful, I shall never forget that moment. 

Moral to the story is to harness the child's talent, let them take the reins and chase their dream. I'm not an artist but I discovered a love of working with children, the pride from within when a child strives and sails through their #ambitions. For me the beauty is the reward, by inspiring others to believe. 

Recently, a child was frustrated by her interests as she was different to her friend. This gave me an opportunity to elaborate on this, "can you imagine a world where we all liked and followed the same things? So love what you do and don't let others opinions change that. Following a good chat she skipped away and did a little "binky" (something rabbits do when they are truly happy!) I smiled to myself, and that's why I love working with children....a little sense of pride swept across me, and mabey a little of Mrs manly's good spirit too. Someday, hopefully not too far away, I shall take our children in to the sunshine to create their #masterpeace

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Hayley Sykes

Hayley Sykes

A truly dedicated t/a-support worker enjoying every moment within the teaching world

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Clare Erasmus Clare Erasmus @cerasmusteach 8 months ago
Fabulous blog. Welcome. U touched on what drives so many of us. Love your passion and commitment....Such great positivity
Hayley Sykes Hayley Sykes @hayleysykes77 8 months ago
Thankyou. Positivity is definitely the key
Lena Carter Lena Carter @lenabellina 8 months ago
Beautiful writing!
Annemarie  Williams Annemarie Williams @awilliams 8 months ago
Brilliant blog Hayley. I love the pass it on spirit of this. I'm so glad you've been brave and shared this story with us. #beboldforchange
Rachael Smith Rachael Smith @misssmithhja 8 months ago
This is such a lovely blog Hayley. You have such a talent for art and anything creative, and it is great that you can pass on your passion to the children you work with!
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