Why we should all get naked


We have a funny attitude towards nudity in this country. We are still stuck with Victorian attitudes and a 'Carry On' mentality where it's unnatural and a bit naughty. Yet what could be more natural and healthy?

If we grew up seeing more people naked we would feel better about ourselves and that very few people have a perfect body. Kerry Egan, a hospice chaplain, said one of the most surprising regrets of the dying was that women wished they had loved their bodies more. Until my early 40s I was a size 10 and then after being diagnosed with coeliac disease my weight went up. I struggled with hating my body for many years, even pre-diagnosis, when I often had a bloated tummy. Children would get used to seeing the opposite sex and have a healthier attitude towards them, reducing abuse and use of pornography. I never saw an older woman naked when growing up so no wonder I worried about my sagging boobs, cellulite and flabby tummy!

It's a sad state of affairs when it is considered ok to post pictures of animals being tortured and people being beheaded on social media but not pictures of women breastfeeding or naked bodies. We all have bodies, we are essentially the same so why do we feel the need to hide them? We have become conditioned to believe that wearing clothes is natural yet our skin is the largest organ in our body and needs to breathe!

So during the school holidays my challenge to you is to get naked. Go skinny dipping, you will never want to wear a swimming costume again! It is better for your health and the environment too. Bodies dry much quicker than swimming costumes. If that is too scary to begin with try being naked more at home and see how it feels. If you are worried about being cold after a while your body will regulate its own temperature. Your skin will feel amazing and you will feel better in clothes too. It doesn't cost anything and you will start to love yourself more. 

We all know that being in nature is good for our well-being. Supercharge it by going naked in nature, even if it's just in your back garden.

Need a confidence boost? Then consider coaching to see what beliefs and conditioning are holding you back. You will go back in September feeling revitalised and like a whole new person!

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Helen Pengelly

Helen Pengelly

Former maths teacher now accredited coach and stand up comedian. Writing book about mindful leadership

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