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With a degree in Sports Science and an interest in all things sports the annual 'Sports Day' is an interest and passion of mine.

I have experience of Sports Day's at a number of different schools now but have been most impressed by the different but equally impressive set up at my two most recent schools.


The Sports Day in the Cardiff school I worked in was run by a lady who had been at the school since the 1980's. It felt like it was organised by a regimental seargent major with everyone given strict timings and a full schedule of events planned. We used a university sports centre and it felt very much like a UK Athletics. There was a proper long jump area, high jump and relays involved a full lap of the track with the deafening sound of children supporting their peers. Both children and parents all seemed to appreciate the safety and the professionalism of the event with parents resigned to the spectator area.


Our PE coordinator put on a great event this year and really managed the balance between a fun for everyone and chance for the sportiest children to shine. We went to the local park and she had set up a number of stations clearly marked up in our school's house colours. The house teams worked together to score points on events such as shuttle runs, javelin, bean bag throws and speed bounces. They then finished the event with sprint races for the fastest childen from each house in each year group. Followed by a parents and then teachers race. The fastest children in each year were awarded a trophy to commend their achievement adding a competitive edge to the event.

Both sports days were really well run and it would be a tough decision if I was to organise a sports day myself as to which route to follow. I'd be interested in hearing about other schools experiences.

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