Videoing your lesson - realising you are a boring teacher


After my last observation the headteacher discussed my seriousness in the classroom. I felt I was pretty open and friendly but although pleased with the work I had been completing and the quality of my teaching, rated good with outstanding features, she suggested I video myself teaching so I could evaluate myself.

Always happy to find ways to develop I took her advice and today the opportunity arose to video the opening 15 minutes of my lesson. A PGCE student was in class to look at the progression of knowledge from year 3 - year 5 (my current class) and kindly agreed to use the IPad to record me. An element of seriousness was there but I was ultimately struck by how boring the maths introduction was!

I'm always keen to get children up to share their knowledge for the benefit of the class as it has the added benefit of allowing me to see what those individuals are capable of. I have been aware that this is not that interactive for the children who are not at the board but I didn't realise until today how boring it actually is. Moving forward I need to find a way to make these introductions much more engaging!

Although I can see a limitation in terms of the life of the whiteboard pens in my class I think next week I will stick laminated card on the tables to encourage more interaction and increase my energy a bit! A challenge on a Friday!

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