My Journey--poetry, but not in motion


I am a stir fry dish,

that's very much British,

you know, the one with lots of bits,

that somehow, together, just fits:

I am Muslim and English,

Indian and Hippy-ish.

My Dad was born in India

and my mum in Malawi,

Noble Abdulla

and Noble Jenny.

Like Maya instructed,

they taught me to find beauty,

in others and myself,

and in diversity.

So that's where I began,

well prepped for my journey,

I found myself in Education

still going , no need for a gurney (yet). 

Fifteen years in, I'm in a leadership position,

2nd in command,

DH my designation.

How did I get here? Was it a roller coaster

or plain sailing?

Did I battle and win,

or was a hole cut for me in the glass ceiling?

It's too long a tale, to recount in this blogpost,

let me stick Pran Patel's instructions,

our wonderful and dear host.

By God's Grace I was fortunate that when opportunities came knocking,

I was ready and willing, and muted any internal or external mocking.

Prior to the knocking, I became the knocker,

looking for mini opportunities,

to show what I had in my locker.

I took on a Healthy Schools Project

that made me work an entire summer,

But at the moment of accreditation,

SLT noticed this newcomer.

And on it went like that, clenched fist to door,

looking to enhance the school, even if it meant doing more.

Then came whole school positions,

SENCo and EAL,

teamed up with a friend,

who I worked with so well.

Then came the knocking, 10 years in-


Oooh ya,

Phase Leader

It pays being a (non annoying) eager beaver.

So what advice for those embarking on their journey, worried about obstacles,

And bias tinted spectacles.

'Be who are you are' doesn't seem to quite cut it,

so let's turn to poetry, Persian and of benefit.

Rumi says:

'I am not this hair. I am not this skin,

I am the soul that lives within.'

Let that be your mantra and manifest it well,

Be both lion(ess) and lamb,

stronger together, support all as 'famalam'.

Seek opportunity and to yourself be true,

Rumi gives hope:

'What you seek is seeking you'

And in the face of unconscious bias,

he says 'Raise your words not your voice'

Keep driving on, making the right choice. 

Keep seeking that opening, that next promotion,

As Rumi says,

'Stop acting so small; you are the universe in ecstatic motion' 


Pran  Patel Pran Patel @mrpatel 6 months ago
Poetry and you story what a wonderful take!
Hannah Wilson Hannah Wilson @misswilsey 6 months ago
A stunning exploration & reflection.
Anoara Mughal Anoara Mughal @ano 6 months ago
Wow, absolutely breathtaking! A beautiful combination of your journey coupled with a positive message. Thank you for sharing.
Matt  Young Matt Young @mattyoung 6 months ago
Wonderful piece. Thanks for sharing.
Parm  Plummer Parm Plummer @parmplum 6 months ago
Farhaan, That is truly beautiful.
Suzie Happy Suzie Happy @suhappyness 6 months ago
Wow! Well put
Rachel Irving Rachel Irving @rachelirving 6 months ago
Thank you this is beautiful x
Anshi Singh Anshi Singh @teachanshi 6 months ago
Wow! Beautiful!!
Farhaan Patel Farhaan Patel @farhaanp79 6 months ago
Thank you everyone for your kind comments. A Rumi quote for all of you: 'You are inside every kindness'
Martha Da Costa-Sherwood Martha Da Costa-Sherwood @dacosmeconsult 6 months ago
Wow Farhaan I absolutely loved this. The clever use of poetry to tell your story and encapsulate positivity . Thanks for sharing
Emmanuel Awoyelu Emmanuel Awoyelu @mannyawo 6 months ago
This was amazing! Thanks for sharing this with us. Others needs to hear this.
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