Hey Woman of Influence: Get Respect At Work!

CALLING WOMEN IN SENIOR LEADERSHIP: Is this YOU or someone you know?

You are a brilliant woman
An Established Senior Leader
Positioned for INFLUENCE
And you care about your work...

But you also know You've stopped playing full out and your not making the difference you have the potential to make through your role as senior leader.

No-one really knows what's important to you, what you think about things and what you know needs to change or what YOU'd like to see happen... and instead of work being the place where you can express your brilliance, inspire buy-in to your project ideas make important meaningful things happen, it's been feeling more like a small tight constricting box you make yourself fit into day in, day out...

The problem is, they don't RESPECT or recognise you as a credible influencer, you don't really have any clout, even though you are part of the senior leadership team...

You often feel undermined, unheard, unseen, unsupported, under-acknowledged mis-understood and under-pressure to lead people who resist following

They just don't 'get' the value you represent and you're sick and tired of trying to show them

Am I right?

Well me too, I have felt this way too, on my own senior leader journey. I remember that, despite my already extensive leadership experience in the NHS, the entire three years I was the Executive Lead for a region-wide local government initiative, I experienced a very rough roller coaster of emotion that came every time saw the signs that the people I worked with didn't value my being there, every time they ignored my suggestion, or took credit for my contribution or had conversations and made decisions without me, or usurped my authority...

I remember the secret fear associated with knowing that I was not in the in-crowd, and the energy it took to pretend I didn't care that they thought I didn't fit.

I can't tell you it didn't bother me, IT DID

I can't tell you it didn't affect my leadership performance... IT DID!

Yes, I kept going
But I wore heavy Armour!
I was defensive
I pulled back

I got tangled up in game-playing and proving points...

I did what I needed to do to not give them any ammunition to shoot me with

I refrained from doing anything that might rock the boat

Talk about Energetically Expensive!
I was carrying a heavy load...

Read more here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/hey-woman-influence-get-respect-work-dion-johnson

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Dion Johnson

Dion Johnson

Strategic Ally & Master Coach to Women in Senior Leadership #EvolvingInfluence

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