We need more Teachmeets!


I've had this idea in the back of my mind for a while, but *that* post by David Rogers has given me a much needed kick up the backside.

I love Teachmeets. I think they're great. I've organised two in Swansea, and also used the model for two inset sessions in school. And, quite frankly, we need more.

I don't currently have a school to host one in, but my job means I am around and about South West Wales a lot, which means I can maybe organise them on a wider basis.

There are six months left of the school year, so I'm setting myself the challenge to help organise six Teachmeets around South Wales before the end of the school year.

To do that, I need:

* Schools (or venues) willing to host them
* Teachers to help me organise and to attend

And actually, that's about it.

Any offers of sponsorship to help pay for teas and coffee would be awesome. I can give or take raffles to be honest, but if anyone's willing to step in with some cash or useful prizes I'd love to hear from you.

Not too fussed about keynotes either. I know some people love them, and some people have them working really well, but I've never been convinced that many 'names' actually mean much to teachers and the value for me is in hearing from other people in the same boat as you.

If you'd like to get involved in any way, drop me a line via my blog or on Twitter. Let's see if we can make South Wales the Teachmeet Capital of the world before the summer term is out!

Image credit: Bev Evans. Pic of me at what became known as TMBev - the first(?) Teachmeet in South West Wales, held in August 2010 in Pembroke Dock by the much missed Bev.

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Liane Pitcher-Leigh Liane Pitcher-Leigh @lplflippedeng 2 years ago
I'm not too far away - Forest of Dean - please shout if you have any Teachmeets planned: I would love to come along!
Dave Stacey Dave Stacey @davestacey 2 years ago
Awesome. Thanks for the offer. I'll be plugging the heck out them on Twitter!!!
Penny Prileszky Penny Prileszky @misspenny 2 years ago
I'm in Carmarthen if that's any help!
Also a member of school T&L PLN, so this would be a great collaboration, if you're interested!
Also have a mate at Llandovery College who's trying to organise a Towy Valley TM.
Send me a follow request on Twitter, we'll get something going! #excitednow
Dave Stacey Dave Stacey @davestacey 2 years ago
Yes yes yes! Request sent. Thanks :)
Felicity Poole Felicity Poole @flisspoole84 2 years ago
Hi Dave, I've been to two Teachmeets in South Wales recently (Llanelli and Trinity College) and thought they were great- such a fab way to share good ideas. I teach in Swansea and would be happy to help in anyway I can, I'm sure I could persuade my head to host too. Let me know if there's anything I can do.
Dave Stacey Dave Stacey @davestacey 2 years ago
If you think you might be able to host one at your school that would be great. Have you got my email address to discuss further?
[Retired Colleague] [Retired Colleague] [Retired Colleague] 2 years ago
I'm from Carmarthen originally so all for this! And I agree with you about TeachMeets. For me, they should be small and regular so that a community grows around them. Let me know if I can help in any way :-)
Dave Stacey Dave Stacey @davestacey 2 years ago
Will do. If I get a Carmarthen venue I'll consider calling it the 'David E Rogers memorial Teachmeet' ;)
Felicity Poole Felicity Poole @flisspoole84 2 years ago
Hi Dave, did try to contact you via hwb about arranging a Teachmeet, perhaps I had the wrong email address.
Amy Wilcox Amy Wilcox @misswilcox 2 years ago
Completely agree to this - sharing is so important.
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