Research School Stories - packing my bags ready to say "Goodbye Argentina"

I have been fortunate enough to have spent this past week working with a talented group of teachers and Educational Psychologists in Buenos Aires. Several years ago, in their spare time, this group of dedicated professionals set to work to write a text book. They wanted to create something new, that would reflect the current research evidence about  reading comprehension and support teachers to be able to teach it really well. They based their programme - LEE Comprehensivamente- primarily on the work of two English Professors - Jane Oakhill and Kate Cain. Once the programme had been written, they trialled it robustly and it worked. Now, in addition to their day jobs, they train teachers across Buenos Aires to deliver the programme and have managed to find the time to develop another programme for younger children.

Now, I have come to the end of an amazing week with them, attending their training sessions and talking to them as much as possible. I wanted to find out everything I could. The hope is that this programme will be as effective in England is it here in Argentina (that's the next challenge!). They have been so generous with their time and care; patiently translating for me and answering my endless questions.

I have tried to share as much as I could in return. They were fascinated by the UK National Curriculum (although a little aghast at the statutory spellings!).  I shared the EEF Guidance reports (in particular the Literacy and Teaching Assistant Guidance), and the IEE Evidence4Impact website. I even showed them the US WWClearinghouse site. But the thing they seemed most excited by was the DIY Evaluation Tool on the EEF website! That was far more exciting than the biscuits I brought with me!

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