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Since I wrote this first piece back in June,

We have planned, organised, consulted and we are ready to launch our first Diversity Group, this Thursday, 16/11/2017. This works beautifully time wise, as it ties in with the start of Anti-Bullying week. As we know, so often it is ignorance and fear of something different that make people act hurtfully.

Initially, this will be a student forum for Years 10–13, to meet and discuss and explore all types of Diversity.

We have a new School Chaplain who will be the main leader of this work, together with new, passionate and enthusiastic colleagues.

I’m delighted that School recognises a need for a Staff Diversity Forum too. A place where Staff can explore Diversity and be themselves.

Together we want to explicitly make our school a more actively welcoming place for all types of Diversity.

This is an exciting journey and I hope that we will be able to share our successes and seek suggestions and advice here on staffrm. 

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