3 Tips To Let Go Of Perfection and Embrace The Mess


Hands up if you've ever "lost it" when people or events have thrown your perfect little picture into a colorful mess? Be honest. I've stood on my soapbox of perfectionism too, claiming it like something that was rightfully mine. Control feels good. Or does it?

When I used to be called in to sub, teachers would often leave plans for an art lesson. They were happy to let me do it. They know that I love art, and I don't mind getting messy. Generally speaking, yes. In actuality though there was more to it. I loved doing art mainly because it began with something that, on the outside, looked to be complex and difficult and then resulted in being something incredibly beautiful and completely unique to each child.

When I would embrace the mess of the paint and the paper and the glue and sometimes the confusion, I could easily see the joy, the smiles, the laughter, the learning, and the growth that the process brought. I could see the intense focus, persistence and dedication to create, and the pride in the result.

Perfection is not something that you should strive for, not only in art, but more importantly, in life.

Why? Because it is unattainable. It is based on lofty ideals and standards that are usually unrealistic and impractical.

You know the drill. You start heading down the path of the perfectionist by striving for perfection, then not attaining it, followed by feeling like you're losing control, you begin to reign it in by putting in place a system of more control, then not attaining it, followed by feeling like you're losing control...CRASH!
Does this spiral sound familiar?

Nowhere in here is there any room allowed for the mess...The complications, the mistakes, the demands of our children or our spouses, work demands, time, relationships ...shall I go on?

Yep. You're so busy trying to do it all. Be everything for everyone. Balance it all. You grab hold of the myth that you can have it all, thinking this will make you happy, but it does just the opposite. Is there a way out? Yes! Head over to this week’s blog to hear the solution..

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Laurie-Ell Bashforth

Laurie-Ell Bashforth

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Katie Smith Katie Smith @mrskatesmith 4 months ago
I touched on this in a blog I wrote tonight! Perfection is an illusion! Great blog Laurie-ell x
Christine Couser Christine Couser @cacouser 4 months ago
Embrace the mess - something I'm not very good at. Loved the blog too
Laurie-Ell Bashforth Laurie-Ell Bashforth @coachlaurieell 4 months ago
Thank you Christine! Something you're not very good at, YET.
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