Taking a risk Part 2 #thecoachandthegirlcub


Taking a risk: Part 1

So I think I have conquered my jungle…Mrs M is still here, with her can of Jungle Formula to give me a quick spray down when I need it, but it's not nearly as rough and tumble as it used to be. Looking back, it didn't help that I had thrown myself into an Acting SENCO role and taken on an additional role at Saturday school for Year 5 & 6 pupils all in my first year...CRINGE! I must have had Jungle fever at the time of applying for these roles. Who knows? But I did it and I achieved it. I have met some amazing individuals on my journey. I have particularly enjoyed observing the way Panther and Lion rule their wider Jungle. They have taught me what it is to be an Architect and an Executor. Mrs M has taught me what it is to be a Conductor.

I love what I do. I love who I am becoming, I have learnt to say no and I am learning to delegate. I love my children and I love my team. Building relationships, learning to understand each individual in my team, being able to listen, and value others is something I am still learning to do but I do it with passion. I do it with respect and integrity. Every year I discover a hidden talent somewhere within my team. My Teaching Assistants are champions of an initiative aimed at supporting EAL learners to excel in early language acquisition. To celebrate their success I encouraged them to take a lead in training other practitioners at other schools in our local borough. I like to encourage others to step outside of their comfort zones. I thrive on taking others on a journey. My teachers understand the need for school improvement. They understand personal development and they are not afraid to take risks.

This year I have grown 2 leaders. My Teach First students, now NQTs are ready to fly their nest. Both equally amazing and hungry to learn more. Both leaders who are bigger, bolder and braver than me. I believe in growing others to be better at something than I am. I am girl cub.

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EYFS Teacher

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Christalla Jamil Christalla Jamil @chrissy 8 months ago
#girlclub just love it! I share your belief that as a leader, I hope that I inspire, motivate, mentor and coach others to be greater leaders than me and that is a measure of success...I think we share many commonalities but I admire your energy and drive. You are #beboldforchange at its best
Hannah Wilson Hannah Wilson @misswilsey 8 months ago
You are a natural blogger and a brilliant leader. Love how you inspire, empower & nurture others. Come to our #womened #sended event on 23/9? X
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