My Summer Wellbeing Plan and Reading List. What's yours?


Educators: What is in your summer wellbeing plan?

Now is the time to put in place your summer holiday wellbeing plan. I have booked all of August off. For the first four days of the month, we are off to the Edinburgh festival, then back for 5 days to rest to recover from the joyous madness that is the fringe, and to turn around for a break in Italy for the rest of the month. There I will sleep, walk, cycle, swim, read, and hopefully find the space and discipline to complete my idea for my first book.

The extended break is designed to give me the space to fulfil this aspiration and, what has come to feel like a need, to capture and explore the last three years and their impact on my life through the work I have been engaged on in self-development as well as the work I have done serving the developmental needs of those I have coached.

As my business has grown work-life balance has become an increasing challenge for me. I have not yet got to that stage since becoming self-employed. So, another summertime break task will be to give this some thought and reshape my business plan to address the imbalance.

So, what is your wellbeing plan for the summer break?

My number 1 tip for a guilt-free break

Carve out time to just be, as well as time to put some thought into how you can improve your work life balance once you are back into work mode. If you have created a huge to-do list that you will then neglect once the break comes because you need to stop, but with which you will beat yourself up about not doing, burdening yourself with guilt. Just chuck the list in the bin. If you have failed to complete your to-do list in the past and the earth did not stop spinning then you do not need the list at all.

Accept that you need the break and have it free from guilt. Only do what is essential and which will serve to rejuvenate you and create better balance once you are back to work.

Rest, recuperate, rejuvenate and enjoy!

My Summer Reading List:


Check here for some interesting Leadership reads- Titles 1,2 and 5, are on my list


The Sellout, by Paul Beatty

Who Leaves and Who Stays, by Elena Farrante

My Brilliant Friend, by Elena Farrante

The Story of a New Name, by Elena Farrante

Three by Elena…well, I am holidaying in Italy, seems appropriate!

Pussy, by Howard Jacobson

Fiction- Classics

The Man who was Thursday, by GK Chesterton

The Counterfeiters, by Andre Gide

Satan in the Suburbs and other short stories, by Bertrand Russell

I would love to know what you are reading. On my return I will be sharing reviews of my reads using #WomenEdReadingrReviews & #RecommendedReads

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