#44 weeks - what next?


Having sat down to write my weekly blog I noticed two posts about coming to the end of #44 weeks.  I had lost track of time and was planning to continue with this until Easter to be on the safe side, but counting back shows that #44 weeks has truly come to an end.  This feels strange.

For a year I have used this challenge to prompt me to reflect.  As I have scanned Edu Tweets I have noted ideas which could be useful to link to future blogs.  Each weekend I have considered the events of the week and which to blog about, rejecting some and seeing how others shape up with thought.

I have written about geography for print publications for quite a while, but was nervous to widen my scope and to confront the immediacy of online communication.  Thanks to @lesley‍ for encouraging me to give blogging and Twitter a go.

Now I preach the benefits of blogging and Twitter in an almost evangelical way.  Only last Thursday I was presenting the benefits of networking to a group of subject network leaders in Somerset and suggested using @staffrm‍ as a place to share ideas, explaining how the ease of commenting and recommending posts makes this a more reciprocal network than many. I am grateful to the staffrm community for the supportive comments and encouragement over the year.

I thoroughly enjoy writing, whether about geography or wider educational issues.  It calms my thoughts.  When I heard @suecowley‍ speak on #IWD17 she challenged the audience to put their hands up if they wanted to write a book - I put my hand up.  Sue stressed that books don't write themselves and has since tweeted that '#Creativity is a skill, and you don't develop any area of skills without practice'.  #44  weeks has given me a nudge to work on developing my writing - I hope I have improved as a result.

So what next?  I hope to carry on writing posts on this site.  However, I am worried that I won't maintain my motivation - during the summer break in #44 weeks I thought I would still write the occasional blog, but I didn't write any.  I will set myself a goal of writing a post each month.  I am also in contact with TES about writing a monthly geography blog for their subject genius section, so will have to see how that goes.

Thanks to all @staffrm‍ for #44 weeks - I have enjoyed the challenge.

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