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I enjoy #teacher5aday and often take part in the monthly 'campaigns'. As a teacher, I really enjoy my holidays and one of the factors which adds to this is my love of 'pottering'. I enjoy being in my house, hanging the washing on the line outside, making an effort to make something nice for dinner, doing a spot of baking and indulging in some knitting. Actually, I'm cringing a little as I type this, it definitely isn't rock n' roll. However, it struck me that many of these activities are about being creative. I think #create could be a replacement for #connect or #learn in our #teacher5aday.

So, it got me thinking that as I am unable to #outrunmay (recovering from back op), maybe I could do #madeinmay. I'm thinking, make an effort to cook a nice meal (during the working week), cook / bake something from the cook books rather than just read the recipe, sketch, knit, sew, make an effort with anything out of the ordinary! Make that phone call you have been putting off, because you are too busy, make the time time to do something nice for yourself or others. Get creative in the garden or simply celebrate that you made a difference to someone's day. Make it to the gym!

As I said at the beginning, my #madeinmay may not be very rock n' roll, but it may just add to my wellbeing.

Whose in #madeinmay #teacher5aday?

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