Balance and Speed


So six glorious weeks have gone by and on Monday I'll be back in school. I have spent a lot of time reflecting this Summer, mainly on work and a little on life in general. I like to think that I give out good advice, but yet I seem unable to follow it myself. I firmly believe that perfectionism has no place in a teacher's practice, yes we should aim to do our best, give our best but the support of perfectionism will leave us exhausted, burnt out and unhappy (at worst). However, as I ponder and reflect and read to help and download apps to support I realise that I may be seeking perfection instead of improvement.

When I reflect, I tend to find fault rather than find the positive. Is it my good Scottish upbringing where we depreciate ourselves before others do? Is it a lack of confidence? I need to recognise the faults but not be overwhelmed by them. I need to focus on the positives to get me through the tough times. Focus on what I can change and accept that which I cannot. I need to care and be passionate in my practice (and in life) but also remember I am always part of a team / system / Twitter Tribe. I need to protect myself to be able to perform. So the watch word of Session 2017/18 is positivity.

So, with all this reflection (soul searching / putting myself down) have I actually achieved anything? I'm not quite where I wanted to be in terms of work, but I have had a great holiday. I do feel positive about the new session and have identified one area in particular to improve upon - although I still haven't found my next step after having completed 'Into Headship', but am aware I wish to.

My good intentions have again met with my superbly honed skill of procrastination. It would appear that I have two speeds when it comes to action; sloth and full steam ahead. Neither are particularly good for obtaining balance - which is something I would like. Or do I accept that after all these years I won't change? That no manner of apps and motivational books will make a difference. I need to find my own motivation and work at it.

So this year, more balance, less sloth, less manic dervish and more focus, consideration and motivation.

Wish me luck.

ps Top tips gratefully received.

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