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Yesterday afternoon provided a great opportunity to wrack up #teacher5aday points as I was able to #connect, #learn, #notice and #volunteer.


Undeterred by several months of prompting / cajoling / nudging, I finally succeeded in meeting a friend to talk her through the steps in using Twitter. It was great that she had decided to bring another friend along to learn.


As Twitter has helped to revolutionise how I operate as an educator, I have taken it upon myself to encourage other educators to use it.

In the past, my enthusiasm for Twitter had meant that I was explaining the merits at speed to unsuspecting educators that admitted that they were not using this particular form of social media. Belatedly, I considered that my high octane approach may have actually deterred many from exploring it…


Yesterday, the most impact was produced by working at the pace of two newbies that were nervous of social media.


The first question I asked was why they were not using social media.

Their fear of sharing too much being on different social media platforms allowed me to explain what could be done to avoid this and what they had control over. This then led on to me outlining the benefits of Twitter.


We then took our time to explore some of the features on the Twitter app and how they were represented on different mobile devices.

By the end of our time together, one friend updated their Twitter profile and added a photo in place of the bland 'egg'. Both went on to create their individual Staffrm profiles. It was a great moment to hear their mutual enthusiasm and suggestion for another session (result!).


In spite of the time factor, one to one sessions with fellow educators may be the best way to help them engage more with social media (particularly Twitter). In turn, this will help them go on to reap the benefits when they simultaneously expand their professional learning network and CPD opportunities.


In order to help my friends and other teachers who are new to Twitter, I am requesting for your support.

Please use the link below to suggest and add the Twitter handles of educators you think new tweachers should follow:


Thank you!

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Kiran S Kiran S @kiran 7 months ago
Brilliant result!
B Yusuf B Yusuf @byusuf 7 months ago
Thank you and yes, Kiran. Two more on board
Jill Berry Jill Berry @jillberry 7 months ago
I agree, Bukky - I think Twitter can seem overwhelming to new users, and it's far more sensible to sit down with an individual and talk them through it. I was impressed with @jazampawfarr and @misswilsey doing the same with aspiring leaders and @Staffrm posts. One step at a time!
Anoara Mughal Anoara Mughal @ano 7 months ago
This is great! I am in the process of convincing staff at work to do the very same thing. Have also planned a to do a one-to-one tuition session over the phone for a friend next week.
Jane Danvers Jane Danvers @janedanvers 7 months ago
Hannah, teaching us made all the difference. It invites us in to be part of the conversation. Very grateful
Christalla Jamil Christalla Jamil @chrissy 7 months ago
You are a star! This is indeed a super supportive blog for us all xx
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