Let's give WBD a break eh?


There hAs been a lot of moaning and negativity about World Book Day this year,  more than I've seen before. 

The main complaint seems to have been that World Book Day has been taken over by dressing up, and that the book she have been forgotten. 

Here's what I think, and it's changed since this morning! 

It drives me mad when kids turn up at school as James Bond or Katniss Everdean.  These books are inappropriate for primary kids (in my opinion,) and mostly the kids haven't read them, they just like the idea, or their parents have decided that that's what their children will wear. Generally, these kids can't retell the story as they haven't read them! 

Over the last couple of years, I've been working full time and the idea of pulling together a costume has nearly been beyond me and I've  done what loads of parents do and found a costume in the dressing up box and  found a book that matches it. I felt that I was letting myself make down- I'm a teacher, my kids should be wearing the best handmade costume relating to a quality book that they genuinely love. 

As a teacher, having to get my own costume together has also been a hassle, it always comes the same week as parents evening and reports and long staff meetings! 

This year, I'm a supply teacher, I have a bit more time on my hands. I made costumes for the Highway Rat and from Chris Haughtons Book 'Shhh we have a plan". I resented doing it again! I've been so happy that I've taken the day off today (I've got other things that need doing!) but it mean she I haven't had to make my own costume! I've revelled I the fact that I don't have to dress up. 

This morning, when it came to getting the kids dressed, they were so excited, reciting lines from their books, looking forward to telling other people about their books and about hearing about other people's favourites. 

What have I been thinking? I need to stop being such a miserable moaner!

World book day isn't about dressing up. Dressing up for World Book day can be a pain. But the kids being excited about books, that's what it is about. 

I think that we should do whatever we can to inspire them to read, try new books and get them raving about their favourites. Even if it means a few busy days sorting out costumes. It doesn't matter if it's the spider costume tehy wore last year, or the Tudor boy costume they wore for topic day, as long as they can link it to a book. It doesn't matter if it's shop bought, a onesie or laboriously  made at home. 

It's about the books. Schools just need to make sure that the other activities that are going on that day are really linked to books and reading.

Inspire a love of reading....and be cheery about it! 

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