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I have been reading ‘Deep Work’, which has lead me to the 4DX model of getting initiatives embedded within the work place.

The main premise of this model is to have only two ‘Widely Important Goals’, not a term I particularly like, as your main focus. All other goals are wrapped up in the term ‘the Whirlwind’.

From this 'WIG' you set yourself 'lead measures', the things that you can lever to ensure you meet your WIG. The analogy is, if I wish to loose weight, I know that eating less and exercising more will result in weight loss.

Stage 3 is tracking these lead measures in some form of scoreboard and stage 4 is holding regular meetings to look at the scoreboard and make commitments to complete in order to achieve the WIG over the coming week etc.

None of this is rocket science. We are all caught up in some form of 4DX model, whether it be through the PiXL scheme, or some form of line management meeting, whereby targets are discussed and new targets set.

The biggest and most intriguing aspect of this model, for me, is the defining of the Lead Measures within the context of ‘Raising Progress’ for the Year 11 cohort at this late stage. Not an easy proposition. Racking my brain, and that of others, we have come up with our ‘Lead Measure’.

Increase the amount of time spent revising at home - I can see the link here in that if I can lever the amount of time a pupil is spending on revision this should have a direct impact on their outcomes. Surely this is the case.
Having decided that Lead Measure, we as a team, are speaking to as many pupils as we can each day, asking ‘How long did you spend revising last night?’ They are honest and do tell you. You have to question them about the revision completed and judge whether you believe them or not.

This is recorded on the score board for the end of each day. We are also asking them to tell us how much they intend to do that evening, important as we want them to commit to completing more revision.

We, as a team, have committed to ensuring that all pupils have a revision timetable by the end of next week.  We shall meet to discuss the impact later in the week.

Pupils are coming back day after day telling us how much revision they are doing and the valuable minutes are increasing.

Whether this is the correct Lead Measure is the crux of the matter.  I shall have more time to develop lead measures for each aspect of my work.

However, at this early stage it is making me think about the things I do and the reaction to each action. It is the 20% - 80% rule, and the deep thought that is required to clearly identify your 20%.

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