Connections #JourneyJulyHT


Another year on, or should I say another year older?

I have become more than brave, more than 10% bolder,

As I reminisce about days gone by,

Packing my boxes, going elsewhere to try.

Realising the value of connections of the heart,

Every interaction on the journey playing a massive part,

Important lessons were many to be learnt,

Especially about friendships, authenticity, deflecting the effects of hurt.

There are many paths to travel, which have been unridden,

Many that are in view- many that are hidden,

They sometimes turn and twist,

At times take us through the mist.

If you ever get lost, seek support from those around you,

Whether you are lucky enough to have a lot or just a few,

Propelling us further towards our destinations,

Are encouragement, belief, hope, drawing strength from our affiliations.

Remember that what you seek is seeking you,

Pulling us towards our goals, which may be renewed,

They say that there are no coincidences in life,

As we continue to strive and strive.

So I leave you with this thought:

Live with courage, love with faith, laugh with hope.

Picture credit: Raincarnation40

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Anoara Mughal

Anoara Mughal

AHT, Year 6, Literacy Lead, Pastoral

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Parm  Plummer Parm Plummer @parmplum 4 months ago
Beautifully written.
Lena Carter Lena Carter @lenabellina 4 months ago
Just beautiful. Thank you.
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