Why am I going to PedagooHampshire16?


The question really should be “Why shouldn’t I?” The line-up & presenters is great …@JennaLucas81, @KAB21MAC, @rondelle10_b, @abbiemann1982, @LesleyMunro4, @HLucas and many more, all sharing their ideas, strategies for improving pedagogical practises, well-being and last year @HLucas shared some neuroscience with us with regards to student behaviour, which I implemented and it worked!

The keynote speaker, all the way from “Up North” is @ottleyoconnor, a very inspiring leader with great morale values, vision and purpose, who would be more than happy to share his strategic leadership ideas about wellbeing and many other things he is an expert in… and yes he does exist, so this would be a great opportunity to network and meet him too.

Credit to @martynreah who took a vision, #teacher5aday, which grew organically and now he has created a great platform for inspiring, creative minds to get together, collaborate and enjoy the day through PedagooHampshire16. It’s an event not to be missed, the value, the richness, the networking, the sharing, the caring, the collaboration…why wouldn’t I attend?

I hope to see you there!



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Amy Jeetley

Amy Jeetley

Second in Science; Biology specialist; love #unity #collaboration #meditation #learning

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Jenna Lucas Jenna Lucas @jenna 10 months ago
Woohoo, see you there. X
Andy Knill Andy Knill @andyknill 10 months ago
Think I am presenting, @martynreah can confirm so will see you there too
B Yusuf B Yusuf @byusuf 10 months ago
Well done for getting the ball rolling, Amy. I look forward to seeing you all there. Think I am also giving the key note speech... I might be tempted to let Patrick do all the talking though ;-)
Lesley Munro Lesley Munro @lesleymunro 10 months ago
Loved it last year. Can't wait to do it agai. See you all there!
Amy Jeetley Amy Jeetley @amyjeetley 10 months ago
Thank you for all your comments! I'm really looking forward to meeting you all! Andy ... Be great to see you there
Julie Hunter Julie Hunter @mshmfl 10 months ago
It's worth the drive for a second year.
[Retired Colleague] [Retired Colleague] [Retired Colleague] 10 months ago
countdown is on :-)
Vicki Vincent Vicki Vincent @missvickiv 10 months ago
I'm very excited!! :)
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