So tired, tired of waiting...


I'm not tired today. But I am getting a bit bored...

Schools are teaching the new 9-1 Science GCSEs already. We've been planning how we're going to fit in much more content than was there before. More detail with higher expectations of the students e.g. recall and use (at least) 20 formula in GCSE Physics some of which are currently in A-Level only and provided to those students on a formula sheet. 

So we've started - we've had to. Y9 is the new starting point for GCSE Science, up and down the country.

But Ofqual are still yet to accredit the science GCSEs (see post by Helen). They're probably trying to sort out the practical aspects of the course (now that the DfE have filled the course up with massive amounts of content). And there are still lingering errors in some of the exam boards' submissions. To be fair these are originally down to errors in the DfE documents. But the exam boards should know that the unit symbol for magnetic flux density unit tesla is not B (that's the formula symbol), it's T (I am so sick of pointing this out). It's not complicated, not a big change, but it's wrong! EdExcel - you need to fix it. Blame the DfE by all means, it's their stupid fault, but get it sorted.

To cleanse me of these grumpy thoughts I've had to watch the Voice. Yes, the Voice has improved my mood. Who'd have thunk it! 


EdExcel have fixed the T for tesla error. Just not in the version we can download. Thanks to Kathryn Booth for the confirmation via Twitter today. 

HOORAY!!!! :)


* Header image - © Charles M Schulz

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Lucy Rycroft-Smith Lucy Rycroft-Smith @honeypisquared 1 year ago
The world needs people willing to thoughtfully and patiently point these errors out, so thank you!
Alex Weatherall Alex Weatherall @alexweatherall 1 year ago
It's been going on for over 2 years!
Mark Bidwell Mark Bidwell @comeoninyourtimeisup 1 year ago
Agreed. Waiting increasingly less patiently for aqa geography gcse to get accredited, they seem to want to help those who teach 3 year gcses but we're already now 4 months into teaching it! Grrrrrr!!!!
Carolyne Gerrard Carolyne Gerrard @carolyneg 1 year ago
Well said, Alex ..... its getting a little boring now .... waiting ..... still waiting .... yawn!
Helen Rogerson Helen Rogerson @helenrogerson80 1 year ago
It isn't acceptable and I really don't understand what the DfE must be thinking.
JL Dutaut JL Dutaut @franglais 1 year ago
If pace of refprm's too quick for DfE, and below them, too quick for Ofqual, and below them the exam boards....
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