We did it. by Lisa Pettifer

We did it.

There are some points in life, some moments, that are watersheds. Once you’ve got there, you can’t...

Lisa Pettifer Lisa Pettifer
Climbing by Kiran Satti


Climbing is the closest thing to flying. I know this to be true! It is an amazing feeling. A feeling...

Kiran Satti Kiran Satti
Live bright by Kiran Satti

Live bright

A full circle. This blog starts with the thought of a full circle. Somehow, all my thoughts will link...

Kiran Satti Kiran Satti
Faking it? by Colin Grimes

Faking it?

So last night I got what was possibly meant to be a sage piece of teaching advice "Fake it until you...

Colin Grimes Colin Grimes
Sharing the Twitter Love by Louise Gall

Sharing the Twitter Love

I have learnt a lot from Twitter. I am a magpie – I borrow ideas, I try them, I adapt them and I share...

Louise Gall Louise Gall
Research School Stories by Megan Dixon

Research School Stories

Well, it feels like our Research School is now up and running. For each of the three arenas of work,...

Megan Dixon Megan Dixon
An option for early intervention programs in schools and colleges by Clare Erasmus

An option for early intervention programs in schools and colleges

One evening, I was driving back and caught up on Radio 4, 2016 All in The Mind awards and heard how The...

Clare Erasmus Clare Erasmus
Better Together by Catherine Owen

Better Together

In a world where some people are intent on looking out only for themselves and promoting division I have...

Catherine Owen Catherine Owen
Less... fear... please... by Sarah Cook

Less... fear... please...

"The fear really hits you. That's what you feel first. And then it's the anger and frustration. Part...

Sarah Cook Sarah Cook
Using Comparative Judgement in English by Kathleen McGillycuddy

Using Comparative Judgement in English

Since last November I have been collaborating with a handful of other schools to see if our English teams...

Reasons to be cheerful by Lena Carter

Reasons to be cheerful

Friday 20th January. The day that Donald Trump, billionaire and former TV mogul, is sworn in as 45th...

Lena Carter Lena Carter
No teacher is an island… by Helen Close

No teacher is an island…

This week I’ve really tried to use some new methods in my teaching. Sometimes you suddenly spot a place...

Helen Close Helen Close
Field Notes From A Chemistry Classroom Part 2 - Allsorts of Compounds by Sarah Longshaw

Field Notes From A Chemistry Classroom Part 2 - Allsorts of Compounds

This week's post is more of an activity to try and assess Year 7 students' understanding of atoms, elements...

Sarah Longshaw Sarah Longshaw
NPQML by Ben Shanny


I recently (and successfully) completed my NPQML! I think one of the most challenging aspects of the...

Ben Shanny Ben Shanny
To be or not to be by Christine Couser

To be or not to be

That was the question I posed to myself when considered SCEL's Into Headship course. I've always been...

Christine Couser Christine Couser
Strategy Shanghai by Tim Brogan

Strategy Shanghai

Since 2015, I have been part of a MathsHubs teacher research group (TRG) through the National Centre...

Tim Brogan Tim Brogan
A Matter of Perspective by Melanie Collins

A Matter of Perspective

I am sometimes accused by my family of having a 'glass half full' attitude which, quite honestly, is...

Melanie Collins Melanie Collins
Careful what you wish for by Kate Sawyer

Careful what you wish for

So last week's effort was fairly lovely. However this week has been one of those weeks. Before the ink...

Kate Sawyer Kate Sawyer
SEC Conference 2017.

SEC Conference 2017. "Fanning the Flames of Hope"- A message for Education Consultants.

My #Oneword2017 is Hope so I became very excited during my conversation with Ian Wigston who will be...

A lesson from China by Masha  Bell

A lesson from China

After the recent death of Zhou Youguang, the developer of Pinyin, the alphabetic writing system for teaching...

Masha  Bell Masha Bell
It's OK To Not Know by Liam M

It's OK To Not Know

The picture shown here is the best thing I've seen all week. I try so hard to explain to children that...

Liam M Liam M
40 years a teacher 30/44 by B Yusuf

40 years a teacher 30/44

Images: Bukky Yusuf On Wednesday 21st December 2016, one particular teacher left the inner city school...

B Yusuf B Yusuf
Why I'm backing Barton by Helena Marsh

Why I'm backing Barton

The democratic vote has been exercised pretty regularly of late. We're getting used to the patter of...

Helena Marsh Helena Marsh
Tale of the tape by Colin Grimes

Tale of the tape

So this isn't going to be about education but will be about wellbeing.Last September was something of...

Colin Grimes Colin Grimes
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